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Tecnologias de Informação - Comercial e Vendas - Engenharia - Gestão
Ref: OUT/Julp/319/SS_SIArq - 20-07-2021

EGOR Outsourcing is looking for a Partner Account Consultant / SI Consultant/Architect for a well-known IT-related Client.

  • Engaging with MSFT partners – partners that are building a solution for customers – Solution is MSFT Viva (Comm, knowledge, learning and resources – linked with Teams and based on 365);
  • Supporting the partner even before they engage with the customers – what can be build, how prepare sales conversations;
  • End to end involvement and view – prepare partners preparing for the possible solution (sales, consulting) and build the solution;
  • 50-50 distribution between pre-sale and technical building:
    • Guidance and coaching – not actually doing coding or development (checking what’s their audience, their needs, how to address them, the experience, challenges…);
    • How to make that happen through MSFT VIVA – technical background, guide partners through the build (IPAs, how to connect the solution with teams…)Ho


  • Pre-sale component and consultative approach is important in combination with the Architecture & Design Experience (+5 years);
  • MSFT Expert both from Consultative to Technical side;
  • Azure experience would be a plus;
  • Large enterprise solutions experience;
  • Customer deployments more on the MSFT side;
  • Prior MSFT experience would be preferable;
  • Biingual Portuguese-English.
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Valid candidates will be contacted within 3 working days.